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Ranger's Triple Play is Bizarre and Awesome (Video)

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    Triple plays are normally kind of out there and confusing, but this one hasn't been done in about 106 years and just takes it to a whole new level. During the Rangers vs. Angels game on Thursday, the Rangers accomplished 3 outs in just a couple seconds.... it was hilarious awesome. It left pretty much all the coaches, announcers, Angel's players and most all fans super confused.

    The Angels had all of the bases loaded in the fourth-inning, when David Fletcher hit a ground-ball to the Ranger's third-basemen, Jurickson Profar. Profar then hit third base for a force-out just before touching Taylor Ward, the runner occupying third base.... who thought Profar had caught the ball and was heading back to the bag. Then Profar threw the ball to Rougned Odor, who touched second base for another force-out and a 5-4 triple play.

    I love seeing stuff like this in baseball. Makes the game much more exciting. Oh, and the Rangers won the game 8-6 over the Angles.

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    Happy I had to watch it a few times to understand how they got the 3rd out. Good share.