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Did this US Open umpire go too far by giving a 'pep talk'?

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    This is an odd story and something I haven't seen before. An umpire by the name of Mohamed Lahyani, at the US Open, came down from this chair to have a chat with one of the players. In the middle of a game.

    Nick Kyrgios was apparently struggling in the match. So for whatever reason, the umpire saw fit to insert himself into the situation and have a talk with Nick. The official statement after the fact was:

    "Lahyani told Kyrgios that if he was feeling ill, that the tournament could provide medical help."

    Though critics don't seem to be buying this explanation, and I can't say I blame them. You can't hear what the ump tells Nick, but from the video it seems clear that much more is being said, just from how long they talk. It does look like a pep talk.

    What's worse, Kyrgios went on to win. So that makes it look like the ump directly impacted the match, even if he truly didn't mean to.

    So did the umpire go too far? Was this some kind of intentional interference? Or do you think the umpire was legitimately concerned for Nick, and this was completely fine? Also what about the other tennis player; how was this fair to him? And lastly, when is it ever the ump's job to judge a player's health? Isn't that what medical staff, trainers, etc are for?