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The Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad That Sparked So Much Controversy

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    Despite the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick's demonstrations during the national anthem back in 2016, Nike has made him the face of their 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign. I find it hard to believe that they planned to air it right before the Thursday Night Football Opener. I figured there would be some strings being pulled or something. Like the CNN article says.

    "It's an awkward juxtaposition for the league. The NFL is still grappling with the firestorm that Kaepernick started two years ago when he sat and later knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice."

    Thoughts anyone? Should the ad air? I hear tell that Nike is still in contract with the NFL to supply the jerseys. I wonder how this commercial falls into the mix.

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    I'd say it's freedom of speech. The placement of the ad feels like Nike is thumbing its nose at the NFL, but who know what sort of political craziness is going on behind the scenes between Nike and the NFL. Does anyone think they chose him to make the ad more 'edgy'? Just for the sake thereof?
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    I actually think this is Nike thumbing it's nose at Trump. He can't stop tweeting about how disrespectful Kaepernick and the other protesters are, and my guess is Nike wants to sorta dare Trump to go after them. Partly for the publicity; Nike's name will dominate a lot of the news for short while, that's reason enough (already happening). And maybe partly just to rial him up.
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    I agree, very well put. I thought it was a very interesting business move for Nike, because it could either shed light on Kaep's situation or gain a storm of hate. I read that their stocks did drop slightly the first few days after, but surprisingly their sales went up significantly. I also thought it was funny that people were actually burning their shoes and other Nike products as a boycott.
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    I gotta think this is a net positive move on Nike's part, in the long run. They want to always be seen as socially and culturally sensitive, inclusive and progressive.

    But the backlash has been pretty outrageous against them in some cases; check this out:

    Mayor bans Nike products from his city's recreation facilities amid debate over Kaepernick ad

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    This backlash would make a whole lot more sense if the ad was any kind of controversial. But it doesn't make any reference to sitting or standing or kneeling or protesting or the NFL or Trump or .. any of it. It simply has Kaepernick in the ad. I fail to understand the outrage.

    This is the ad we are all talking about here, yes?

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