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College Football's Most Valuable Teams

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    Forbes put together a list of the top 25 most valuable teams in College Football, oh which #1 really really surprised me - Texas A&M Aggies.

    When you add up all the revenue generated and profit pocketed for each school, whether it be from licensing, royalties, ticket sales, merchandising, alumni contributions, fundraising for new construction, etc etc.. the Aggies came out on top with an average annual revenue of $148 million, from 2014 on.

    That makes them technically the most valuable team in all of college football. #2 is the Texas Longhorns (at $133 million/yr), who have traditionally held the #1 spot for the last several years.

    Just underscores how valued football is in the state of Texas. The Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable franchise in the NFL, and at any given year, the single most valuable team in the entire world of all sports. Not a surprise that the 2 most valuable college sports both reside in Texas as well.

    What is surprising is a lot of these other teams have been performing a way better than these 2 Texas teams. So record and performance doesn't always equal the most revenue.

    Rounding out the rest of the top 10:

    Michigan Wolverines - $127
    Alabama Crimson Tide - $127
    Ohio State Buckeyes - $120
    Oklahoma Sooners - $118
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish - $112
    Auburn Tigers - $112
    LSU Tigers - $112
    Florida Gators - $111

    Also a few other interesting notes on this list:

    Of the top 16 schools, 9 of them are in the SEC.
    Only 1 ACC school made it, Florida State at #17.

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    Amazed that Alabama isn't #1. Makes sense with Texas being above them, with the Longhorn Network and that ESPN deal. But did not expect the Aggies to even be in the top 5. So that's pretty surprising. All the other ones make total sense I think.