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Alabama's 2 quarterback strategy goes against logic, right?

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    I have heard about a zillion times from announcers and pundits in the NFL and in college football - If you have two quarterbacks, you really have zero quarterbacks.

    Seems like Nick Saban and Alabama didn't get that memo. Or really don't care, because they are able to do whatever they want and always come out on top regardless.

    Last season Alabama's Crimson Tide used 2 quarterbacks late in the season, and it resulted in yet another National Championship. To begin the 2018-19 it's no different. Apparently they have two of the most talented quarterbacks in the country and aren't having any issue letting them share the spotlight.

    The stats are pretty staggering so far as well:

    The starter of the first 3 games, Tua Tagovailoa, is 36-50 for 646 yards, 8 TDs and 0 INTs. In his 20 drives, 14 of them have resulted in touchdowns, and 1 in a field goal.

    And then Jalen Hurts, last year's clear starter who has seen his role diminish to a time-share with Tua, is still playing great as well: he is 19-28 for 248 yards, with 4 TDs and only 1 pick.

    Alabama leads the nation in scoring through 3 weeks with 56.7 points/game. And no game has been even remotely close yet.

    So is Alabama bucking this trend that 2 qbs = 0 qbs simply because of how well they recruit talent? Or is Nick Saban really that good at his job? Seems to me Tua should be their one and only QB, but how do you not give Hurts playing time when he has won 26-28 games he has been a part of? Is this model really sustainable for any other team as a strategy, or is this just a luxury of Alabama at the moment?

    Also will be interesting to see if Alabama starts a trend in college football (and maybe even eventually the NFL as well), to make the next en vogue thing to be the 2 Quarterback strategy.

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    They might be settling down into a 1qb solution, with Hurts coming in as something of a closer, like in baseball. Tagovailoa is just too good to share in my opinion. He was lights out against Arkansas: Box Score

    Almost covered the spread of 35! lol, won by 34.. whatever, if you ever see a spread that much, take it.

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    I'm excited to see how Saban handles this 2 qb situation in the playoffs this year. I'm expecting Tua to man the ship for the most part. But we could see an inverse of last year's national championship if for whatever reason Tua struggles. Hurts might see increased playing time. I have no idea. Should be interesting.

    Probably will get 2 games if they beat Oklahoma (which I think they will).