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Baker Mayfield Named Browns' Starting Quarterback

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    Baker Mayfield has been selected as the Cleveland Browns' week 4 starting quarterback. This is the obvious decision for the Browns, considering Mayfield just gave them their first victory in 635 days against the New York Jets. This may not come as much of a shock to most people who have been keeping up with Mayfield's career, but I am a little surprised it wasn't announced earlier.

    The Browns have had a laughably bad reputation lately. When your entire home city gets together to "celebrate" a perfect season of losing, you know you're in a bad situation. I'm really hoping this is the change they need to boost their moral, and I think it is. When a key player such as the quarterback is changed in a team, all other positions have no choice but to change how they see and play the game.

    I also have to hand it to the coach, Hue Jackson. I've seen some pretty nasty treatment of starter-to-bench qbs (49ers Alex Smith....), but he handled the situation perfectly. It would have been a little disrespectful to Tyrod Taylor to go forward with with this while he was in concussion protocal. As we all know, it's going to be really tough for Taylor to get back in starter position after Mayfield takes over.

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    Pretty sure if Jackson didn't make that move, started Tyrod in week 4 and lost, Cleveland would be calling for his head. Mayfield proved exactly what he needed to prove, he can win a game. Given that, he is the Brown's future. So might as well and get a head start on the new franchise QB, and give him a few seasons (hopefully) to prove himself.

    I don't think Baker is really ready to carry this team to the playoffs or anything. But then again Taylor probably wasn't either. Their D is good enough to do that though, so all Baker really needs to do is focus on not turning over the ball (that's why Tyrod is in town to begin with) and then try and make smart big plays whenever possible. Should be fun to see them improve this year.

    Already 1-1-1. Best season in years! lol.