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Khabib/McGregor Post-Fight Chaos

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    We have another thread about the Khabib/McGregor fight itself, but thought what happened right after the fight deserves its own forum entirely. That was crazy. As soon as Khabib submitted Conor, like the announcer said, all hell broke lose.

    There aren't yet videos on YouTube of it, but check out the video clips posted in this article from USA Today:

    Khabib Nurmagomedov submits Conor McGregor in main event at UFC 229

    Apparently what started it was Khabib walking over to Conor's team right after the fight ended, he threw his mouthpiece toward them and said something. Chaos quickly broke out with multiple members from Khabib's team climbing into the ring post fight and getting into actual fights with Conor, with pushing and punches thrown. Even wilder, you also see Khabib jump the fence and go directly after Dillon Danis in the crowd. So much post fight action occurred that everyone had to be broken up by security and escorted out basically, and the belt wasn't even awarded in the ring.

    Lots going on here. Trash talking all around. Apparently Danis was insulting Khabib and provoking him. And also apparently Khabib's team wanted revenge on Conor.. hard for me to make full sense of this and pick a side or anything. Just seeing it live was kind of unbelievable. Yet not.

    Best video I can share at the moment of it, a reaction from Stephen A. of ESPN:

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    Knowing what Conor did with the bus situation months ago, and after watching Khabib's post fight press conference, I side with Khabib on this one. Conor and guys like him want the UFC and MMA to be all about trash talking and posturing. Khabib is the exact opposite, and wants a return to respect between fighters.

    You can only trash talk about people's family and religion for so long before consequences happen. Granted it looks bad for Khabib, but I don't blame him. I think I do blame his team for ganging up on Conor. That one is more murky. But all I can say now is they are even.