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Can Lebron create another Lakers dynasty?

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    Lebron is doing what Lebron does, which is elevate a bad team into a legit playoff contender. With little to no real help around him.

    The Cavs sucked before Lebron, and they suck now that Lebron left. Miami is of course a different story, but they weren't going to multiple NBA Finals until Lebron came into town, and that train stopped the moment he left.

    So now he is with the Lakers, and after a slightly rocky start, they are over .500 and well on their way. On top of that, you have talks of them recruiting big names to surround him.

    First, I have heard of Carmelo Anthony. Maybe, maybe not. I don't think that would get them into a situation to contend with Golden State. But what would is the talks that next year you could see Kevin Durant come over. Now that would immediately make the Lakers right on par with the Warriors for the most stacked team in the West.

    Given that Lebron has 3-6 years left in the league, if they are able to recruit big names like Durant soon, do you think Lebron can create another mini dynasty in LA that the town hasn't experienced since the hay days of Kobe? Or is the West too stacked for that ever too happen?

    Personally, I think if Durant comes over, LA is perfectly positioned to win 2-3 championships at least until Lebron calls it a career. 3 qualifies as a dynasty. And that would make him the best and most important player in NBA history, even over MJ. Should be a really interesting final half decade for the superstar. Looking forward to it.