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Stephen A. finally eats crow with Cowboys upset win

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    Blow hard Stephen A. Smith finally got what was coming to him after all this time of talking crap about the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, he has been wrong before. But maybe never like this. He gave the Cowboys 'zero chance' of winning against the 10-1 Saints. And yet, Cowboys pull off perhaps the upset of the year and put in maybe their best defensive game of all time, to beat the Saints 13-10 and go 7-5 on the season.

    He was rendered speechless and then humble, but only for a few minutes. At the end, his persona kicks back into high gear and he of course doubles down on his hate:

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    So awesome! Thanks for sharing that, afterwards I would have never watching it. I can NOT stand Stephen A. Smith. He's extremely condescending, thinks he is better than all the people that both come on to the show, as well as all the people he's talking about. There's just been way too many times where he was talking smack about a player that didn't deserve it.

    It's stuff like the video below.. He actually thinks he's more important than the players. I'm sure you've seen it, but just for good measure: