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NBA players getting fined for trying to recruit superstars

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    NBA sends memo to teams as reminder of anti-tampering rule

    Lebron James is tipping the scales and pissing off a lot of the league with him trying to recruit talent to the Lakers. I wasn't aware of this 'anti-tampering rule' in the NBA. But basically its a broad based rule that says you can't mess with other player's contracts.

    That means a lot of things, like going out and trying to recruit players under contract to another team mid season for example is very frowned upon, to the point that many small market GMs are complaining to the league and the NBA is going to make an example of somebody, so the problem stops.

    Lebron James looks to be that somebody. I don't know if the league will actually fine him for his social media and interview antics, but maybe so.

    Leads me to an interesting debate topic: Should players be fined for talking openly about trying to recruit other talent to their teams if those players are still under contract?

    I don't know, man. That's a lot of social media policing in my opinion. I say just convince your talent that he is better off where he is, and let the chips fall where they may. Thoughts?

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    Not at all. I actually enjoy it. Though I get why smaller teams that landed really big names in the draft would be upset and want 'justice'. Still, nah. There's enough ego and clout in NBA personalities across the board that all of this should balance itself out without guys like Lebron getting in trouble.
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    Maaayyybe. That's getting into legal contracts, with tons of fine print. And millions of dollars on the line. So I think the league probably has some contractual obligations of its own to at least make attempts at stopping this behavior.