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Colin Kaepernick Is Still Not Signed

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    I'm so tired of seeing a new article almost every other day about how Colin Kaepernick is not getting signed by whichever team they choose to mention that day. It's basically the same article over and over. First off, they've gotten very good at wording the title to make it seem like Kaepernick actually did get signed. For example, "Chicago Bears Talk Signing Kaepernick as Backup QB". But of course, once you click into the article you see what they actually mean is "Chicago Bears talk Not signing Kaepernick as Backup QB". It's not even actually discussed at all. All these articles are about how these teams/coaches are not even talking about signing Kaep..

    So what's the deal? Why do we have to keep hearing about how this one decent QB is still not signed to a team? Is it simply because of the buzz surrounding him? That's just straight click-bait.

    That being said, I'm not even sure he'd be good as a QB. I know he did really well that first year after he took over for Alex Smith, but he dwindled quite a bit after that..*cough, kind of like Cam Newton, cough*. Actually, now that I think about it, I bet Kaepernick would make a great replacement for Cam. The Panthers need a QB more like Kaep. He's got the build to run as much as Cam, but knew not to use it as much. I'd really like to see that happen and with what the Panthers have produced lately.. there could be a changed coming to the Panthers soon. But just to be clear, I am not saying Kaep is being considered.

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    Still an interesting conversation as QB talent in the league for backups is pretty needed. And Colin is still (probably) a very capable backup. If not a decent starter in a pinch.

    The story will fade with time. But as long as a team in the league needs a QB and Colin sits on the sidelines, capable and still of age, it'll get headlines.

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    We keep hearing about because it gets clicks. And his name is attached to the national anthem protests in a big way. And he does have talent that could help teams. Also its an interesting story because likely lots of teams don't want to sign him because he will bring them bad press/too much attention in a negative way.
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    Odd development with the Kaepernick story. NFL arranges a workout for him and invites teams, but like these guys say, they invited Colin under very weird and suspicious circumstances. What do you think, is this a legit invite to get him back into the league possibly, or a stunt the league is pulling to give the impression he got one last chance so they can bury the story for good?