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Baseball and Softball Coming to the 2020 Olympics

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    I was doing a crossword puzzle today, and I had an 8 letter word with the clue "A stick and ball game being reintroduced to the 2020 Olympics." At first I thought it was cricket, but then that was a 7 letter word, and then I plugged in baseball, and I was not only surprised that it was correct, but I was surprised they they're bringing it back to the Olympics. So I looked it up and found an article that confirms it.

    The title of this thread should have been, "A Real World Series, At Last," but I didn't want to confuse anyone. But it's true. In my opinion we haven't been able to see a real baseball championship between different countries(not counting the Little League World Series) since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where the USA won 3 gold, and 1 silver. Baseball wasn't included in the London or Rio Olympics, but it's back, at least for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I think I'll be watching the Summer Olympics more closely next year, to say the least.

    In the national spectrum of baseball, the founding country of the sport, USA, will have stiff competition. For one, baseball is Japan's most-loved national sport, not to mention, Cuba. I'm interested to see how our baseball champs will stack up to that of those two countries at least. If you think about it, we heavily recruit from both countries. Just because they didn't originate the sport that is called "Americas Favorite Pastime," both Cuba and Japan are legit contenders. I'm confident that it won't be a mop up like in basketball during the 1992 Summer Olympics, #Dreamteam. ;)

    So am I off my rocker? Will a baseball shootout between countries be as exciting as I think it will be? Are there other countries that Team USA should watch out for?

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    I think it's a good move. It'll most definitely be more interesting than traditional baseball, which I almost cannot stand. Though I do understand why people do love baseball, I just don't see it. I would actually watch it for the Olympics though. I think it will add much more competition to the sport. I wonder if they'll change any of the major components specifically for the Olympics.

    And I think you're right about Japan dominating or at least being a huge threat. They take sports in general so seriously. Plus, I think Japan probably has the best sports fans of any country. They're super respectful, clean up after themselves, and seem to generally appreciate every game. Of course there's always going to be bad apples, but not any where near fans like Brazil or the U.S, which can both be on extreme sides of the spectrum.

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    How is it going to work for US baseball players recruited from around the world? Will they play for the US or for their home country? Im not sure the rules... do they HAVE to play for their home country or can they do whatever? Like do you need to be a citizen of the US for X amount of time to represent them in the Olympics?

    I'm down for it either way. Makes perfect sense and will make the summer games more fun to watch.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree, Japan has some of the best, and most respectful fans out there. The only regrets of my trip to Japan was not actually seeing a baseball game, and little did I know my cousin there was in the minor leagues.

    I think it's gonna be like any other sport we've participated in at the Olympics. If we recruited them, then they are team USA, unless they don't wanna be. Our diversity is what makes our country so different, especially in international sports.

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    Surprised it took them this long to add it. Sweet, looking forward to it. US will claim the first title. But after that, who knows.