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The Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

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    I'm really not even sure what to say here... There was obviously a lot of drama surrounding this year's Halftime performance, so going into it I definitely expected it to be hit or miss. But I don't think I've ever seen something, let alone the Super Bowl Halftime Show, miss the mark in such a cringe-worthy way.

    It was awful.

    At first they couldn't even find an act that wanted to take on such a loaded event. And by "loaded" I mean all the drama with Donald Trump, kneeling for the anthem, social justice issues, etc. Performers don't want to lean to far to either side to retain those fans. Then they announce Maroon 5 and that came with a good amount of negative feedback. Now if you ask me, Maroon 5 really should have thought about dropping out right then and there. If that many say that you just aren't right for this particular performance, you might want to reconsider.. But they didn't..

    But then you took it to a whole new level, NFL :|

    With the passing of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, millions of people wanted 'Sweet Victory' to be played/incorporated into the show. There was even a petition created that gathered over 1 million signatures. This would have been really cool, really emotional, and paid homage to one of the greatest creators of a generation. And not to mention, 'Sweet Victory' is sang by Spongebob for the halftime performance at the Bubble Bowl... Come on now. But nope. Instead they just threw up what was basically a screenshot of Spongebob and played about 5 seconds of the intro.

    I don't even want to get into the issues I had with the actual singing and how Adam Levine did a super uncomfortable striptease..kinda thing? I don't know..

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    Man, as soon as I knew it was Maroon 5 performing I knew I could mute and ignore until the game came back on. But after seeing what people were saying, like how bad it was and all, I had to go back and watch at least some of it.

    You're right, they fumbled the Spongebob tribute and just made it odd and confusing. And Adam Levine should really consider just never doing that again on stage.

    Unfortunately the halftime show went right along with the game and just fell flat. The cliché that the ads were the best thing about the game, this year probably was truer than most any other.

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    Just watched this as well. They seem to agree with you:

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    This is absolutely perfect. It sums everything up way better that I could Very Happy: