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Predictions for the 2019 College Baseball Season

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    It has begun, and we have many many many games to come. It's baseball, and it's college baseball. You're really doing it wrong if you can't find a college baseball game to watch. With the opening of a new sporting season we get picks, predictions and hopes for the underdogs. This post is no different. I think I found an article that will get us started. Without further ado, here are what they call "bold" predictions for the 2019 college baseball season.

    7. UCLA Finishes Fourth In the Pac-12

    6. Georgia Tech Finishes as the Highest Ranked Team in Georgia

    5. UC Irvine Makes NCAA Tournament Super Regionals

    4. North Carolina Makes it to the College World Series Final

    3. Arkansas Finishes Sixth In the SEC

    2. East Carolina Goes to Omaha


    1. LSU Runs SEC Gauntlet, and Wins College World Series.

    I can get behind number 1. I don't know about you. The conference itself is going to be what they say a "beast" of a conference this year. LSU is a favorite, and for good reason. They have many freshmen on the team this year, so they'll just get better with the coming seasons. Do you agree, or is the article and I off our rockers? What should be number 8, 9, and 10?

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    LSU certainly will be good. But I'll go with the preseason rankings and predict Vanderbilt in the finals. Also rooting for Texas Tech and Georgia this year, Georgia being my underdog pick.

    #7 seems too bold. They are ranked 5th already. To finish 4th in their conference.. doubt it. I say 2nd at worst.

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    I could see #4 happening. Give me Florida and TCU though in the finals as a real early prediction.