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NBA Should Cancel the All-Star Game and Do More Contests Instead

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    NBA's All-Star Weekend is supposed to be capped off with the most exciting event of the 3 day affair, the All-Star Game. The only problem with that.. its the most boring and least interesting event of the whole weekend. No one tries; it's not competitive at all, just like with every major pro league.

    This video does a great job explaining how annoying the whole ordeal is with every league feeling like they have to put on an all star show and how fans have grown to increasing hate it:

    For the NBA weekend, the celebrity game that happens on Friday is way more entertaining. And I only really tune in for the 3-point and dunking contest myself. So I say we should all petition the league to do away with that joke of a game on Sundays and just do more contests instead. Who's with me?

    In all seriousness, I am looking forward to Curry's showing at the 3-point contest. And Dennis Smith Jr for the dunk contest.

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    Nice video. I think it spells out fan frustration well across all major league sports. I was going to say dunking contests as well. I always found them to be exciting. I used to have a 6 foot poster of all the record holders on my wall. Contests like those give players an opportunity to show off skills they do not normally get to show. They provide the opportunity to show boat in an acceptable way.