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Kyler Murray's landing spot in the NFL Draft

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    Now that Kyler Murray is officially tall enough to play quarterback in the NFL, seems a no-brainer for him to go at the top of the 2019 NFL draft. The NFL combine confirmed his official measurements to be: 5'10.1''.

    While many were on the fence and worried he might be sub 5'10'' that issue is put to bed now. Funny how basically a half an inch on some combine report could have effected the entire course of Murray's career, and really his life going forward.

    For the NFL draft, if he goes #1 overall, that would mean he is headed to Arizona.

    That creates an interesting situation as the Cardinals drafted QB Josh Rosen in the first round last year, overall the 10th pick in the 2018 NFL draft. And they had to move up to get him and give away some picks to do it.

    So begs the question of, where will Josh Rosen land? I imagine they will trade him. I mean I guess they could keep him as a back up. But I doubt it. Seems like some team will trade a 1st round draft pick for him.

    OR, Arizona could use this to wheel and deal for even more top picks and trade the top spot away to a more desperate team. Murray is better than Rosen no doubt to me. But.. Rosen plus more 1st round picks in exchange for Murray miiiiight be worth it.

    Or maybe Arizona doesn't do anything and they DON'T go with Murray. Suppose that's possible. Then it's:

    49ers at 2. Jets at 3. Raiders at 4. Bucs at 5.

    San Fran already secured their QB with Garoppolo. The Jets drafted Darnold high last year. The Raiders are interesting at 4 but Derek Carr is supposedly their future. We shall see there though; I could see Gruden making a splash with getting Murray to set up excitement for the big move to Las Vegas in 2020.

    Then there are the Bucs. I 100% think the team with the most need is Tampa at the QB position. Wouldn't be surprised if they move up to get him. Or if he happens to fall, they will 100% take him. The Jameis Winston project is apparently a failure. And Fitzpatrick isn't really the answer there either. Murray very well could be great in Tampa.

    So to me, looks like it's either Tampa Bay or Arizona. Unless a team comes out of the woodwork and makes a crazy deal to move up. The Giants and the Jaguars could really use him as well, and they are 6th and 7th on the list... this will be a very interesting draft.

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    The Giants should move up and make this happen. With Barkley and Beckham, c'mon, that'd be a great trio.
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    Murray's not going to Arizona. At least he shouldn't if they were smart. Stick with Rosen and pile up picks and move down. I'd like to see the Bengals or the Dolphins move up to get him.