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Keeping up with all the NFL Mock Drafts

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    There are a ton of NFL mock drafts out there and they are all changing and updating constantly. Did some googling and found some good resources worth sharing to stay up to date. This first one especially:

    Mockout's NFL Mock Draft Database

    This aggregate site focuses on the top 5 picks from many different experts but it includes links to each mock draft in full. Really good snapshot of where everyone is thinking of how the top of the draft is going to play out. Or if you want to download their app and create your own, they have that too.

    Draftsite's NFL Mock Draft

    This one is really comprehensive. Includes several mock drafts going back to 2010, so you can see how accurate any given list is. Also includes draft results going back to 1987. Includes mocks for all 7 rounds.'s Mock Draft Central

    Then there's NFL's official one. Shows mock drafts of 4 analysts. Has tabs for the live draft and news as well.

    If you find any others, share here.

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    I've never really understood the importance of mock drafts. Is it really just for speculation and conversation purposes? Majority of them are wrong, understandably. So why are they so widespread and used?
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    Basically, yes. They are so popular because of just the general interest and excitement of big name college players coming into the NFL, and NFL teams gaming/playing the draft in various ways to make their team better.

    So you have a lot of interest from college fans to see where their best players from last year entering the draft might land. Fun to speculate and see them move up and down the draft board, based on news, combine results, coaches interviews, player interviews, off-season injuries, tape studies, individual team workouts and meetings.. so many variables change through the few months leading up to the draft.

    And same thing but the flip side for NFL fans; its interesting to see what the latest news and pundit polls points for your team's top picks. Plus mock drafts are interesting because you get to see how intelligent some analysts are. And also how little insider info most of us have, and how much many are just full of it and guessing.

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