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NBA All-Time Scoring List - Is Lebron better than Michael Jordan now?

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    Lebron James just passed Michael Jordan on the NBA all-time scoring list. Does that automatically make anyone here think Lebron passes MJ now, legacy wise?

    MJ scored 32,292 points in his career.
    Lebron now has 32,3111 and counting, after scoring 31 pts in the game where he past Jordan's milestone.

    Worth noting, Kobe Bryant still has more at 33, 643. And Karl Malone is higher than all three of them at 36,928. But no one is going to catch #1 anytime soon: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 38, 387. Lebron can certainly pass Kobe. And probably will. But 3rd place is his ceiling.

    The only other active player in the top 10 is Dirk Nowitzki, number 7 on the list behind Wilt Chamberlain. Dirk has 31, 364. Dirk is less than a hundred points behind Wilt, so he will likely pass him.

    How much stock can be put into this list alone? I think you can make the argument that Kareem was the best ever. But you don't hear too many ever saying that Malone was better than MJ, do you?

    Michael Jordan won 6 out of 6 NBA championships. Lebron is 3 of 8. But, it's worth taking into account that Lebron has been on weaker teams overall vs Jordan, for the most part. And Lebron has made 13 playoffs in a row. No one can take that feat away from him.

    It took Lebron over 100 games beyond what it took Michael to match his point tally. But Lebron took way less shot attempts over his career. Maybe it's more fair to compare their career stats, to this point. Here they are:

    MJ -
    Points per game: 30.1
    Rebounds: 6.2
    Assists: 5.3

    Lebron -
    Points per game: 27.1
    Rebounds: 8.6
    Assists: 8.0

    Does that illuminate things any better??? I don't know. I think its a great debate, who is better Lebron or MJ. They played in different times, on different teams, when the leagues were very different. Lebron is more of a passer and rebounder, where MJ was arguably more clutch and a better shooter.

    Does Lebron passing MJ on this list change anything for you? For me.. kinda does. It's just one more stat to consider. I don't think the debate can maybe ever be settled though, and probably not until all of Lebron's numbers are in. He still has some years left in him.

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    Good video on this:

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    Though it's definitely unquestionable at this point that Lebron James has built an enormous legacy, Michael Jordan will always be the king of NBA. Always. MJ just did so much more for the sport and American culture in general. Lebron James is, in a nutshell, a great basketball player. Michael Jordan is a cultural icon, a trailblazer, and a great basketball player.

    For example, think about the name Lebron James. What do you think about? To me, it's just a great basketball player who's had a long and successful reign. That's where it ends. I don't think of any huge cultural shifts he's created, any actual symbols (like the MJ flying logo), no movies (though they're not really applicable here). He simply great playing the sport that is already there.

    Now think about the name Michael Jordan. I can pretty much guarantee you that you'll be busy for quite a while thinking about everything he has done for the NBA and culture. He basically built the sport that Lebron is just good at.