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2019 NHL Stanley Cup Odds and Predictions

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    Each year, the line up changes so much. Which is why I think Hockey is one of the most exciting sports out there. Like with playoffs games in other sports, I like to go online and pretend like I'm betting. This time it brought me to an article that covers the odds for every team. Here they are:

    Tampa Bay Lightning+250

    Calgary Flames+800

    Boston Bruins+900

    Washington Capitals+1000

    Winnipeg Jets+1000

    San Jose Sharks+1200

    St. Louis Blues+1200

    Nashville Predators+1200

    Pittsburgh Penguins+2000

    New York Islanders+2000

    Toronto Maple Leafs+2000

    My money would definitely be on Tamp Bay, second pick for me would be the Bruins. I think they will be a bit of a challenge for Tampa Bay. Feel free to sound off your pics. What teams do you think will be facing off in the final game?

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    The Stars didn't even make the list for the odds makers? Angry What the hell? Gimme me Dallas in the finals. Homer call, sure. But their defense is really good. Maybe the best in the league.

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    Odds look pretty right on to me. I'd take Calgary v Tampa Bay in the finals, also with Tampa Bay winning it all. Agree its odd Dallas isn't on this list. But being down 2-1 isn't a good start for them. Hopefully they can win game 4 and get back in it.
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    Dallas advances. Thumbs Up And Tampa Bay loses 0-4 in the first round. So much for the odds makers knowing what they are talking about when it comes to hockey.

    I don't know if Dallas can pass the Blues but this happens in hockey. Any team can win once they are in the playoffs and the teams with the best goalies tend to do really well. And Dallas has the best goalie in the league right now so I really like their chances to grind it out down the stretch.