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The Most Fascinating Golfer at the Masters

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    It's Bryson DeChambeau. Was listening to my local radio and they were talking about this guy. He's very interesting, just maybe the most fascinating golfer at the Masters this year. Here's an example as to why:

    Art of the Skip with Bryson DeChambeau

    Bryson talks like that all the time. He approaches the game in a super technical way, in terms of psychics and mathematics. He has his own swing that many announcers call 'unorthodox' and is the only golfer I am aware of on tour that has specialty made irons that are all the same length. His reasoning is you shouldn't have to learn how to swing a dozen or more different length clubs when you can just perfect a single swing across all your clubs.

    DeChambeau is only 25 years old and the most prestigious tournament he has won to date was the Memorial in 2018. But he became only the fifth golfer in history to win both the NCAA Division 1 championship and the US Amateur in the same year (2015). The others to do it -- Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore. Elite company.

    Bryson is trying to bring science, math and simplicity to the pros. He legitimately wants to change the game to make it easier for everyone to play and be good. And he was able to co-lead the 2019 Masters after Round 1. If he can manage to win the Masters, or another major tournament soon, I think more and more will perk up and listen.

    Definitely recommend watching this Golf Digest interview with him.

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    Wow, I don't think I've ever heard an athlete talk about a sport in such a scientific way. Plus, you always hear people saying that their way is the right way, but he equates it to personal body mechanics. I find that very refreshing. I wonder if there are any other examples of athletes going in depth like this.
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    JFoster Wrote:. I wonder if there are any other examples of athletes going in depth like this.

    Wonder the same. I know there are a few really technical guys in the NFL but you don't hear too much high level science talk coming out of most athletes, at least not when it comes to trying to perfect their skill. Golf certainly lends itself to being higher minded in that respect than say football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc.

    Maybe some in the Olympics are similar. Though I don't know of any. I could see this talk coming the most from auto racing, like Indy or NASCAR.

    He is a very interesting guy. In a sport that relays so heavily on the equipment you use and how you use it, golf is very unique that respect over the big 4. Maybe tennis is also a similar technical sport? Either way, swings and clubs have evolved a lot in the last 100 years and it seems like he might be evolving the game to an even higher level. Good on him.