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Golden State's last dominant year in the NBA Playoffs

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    Kevin Durant will not a Warrior next year. Questions arise about Klay Thompson sticking around as he will be a free agent next year and likely demand top dollar. I hope the Warriors simply pay the man, but who knows. Steph Curry will still be there and they just added DeMarcus Cousins and they still have a good team even outside of Durant and even Thompson leaving next year if that happens.

    But the team won't be the same next year. And this dominant 5-year run they have been on will have to come to an end. Or at least it will look very differently. All the more interesting this playoff season. Think they will capitalize on their last chance to win it all with the full all-star roster?

    Looking at the bracket, I think they get past the Clippers pretty easily. Houston is known for chocking as of late so I imagine they win there too.

    What else? Portland, Spurs, maybe OKC or even Denver? I don't see it. No, I think they make it to yet another finals. Then it gets interesting as the East doesn't exactly suck this year. At least not when it comes to a few teams like the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers or Celtics.

    I would bet the Bucks or Celtics make it through and it will make for a refreshing finals to not see the Cavs and Lebron there yet again.

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    Enjoy the dominance while it lasts. The Warriors are easily better than all teams in the league right now, it's kind of not fair. Agree this will change next year. In the meantime, Curry just broke another record..

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    Well, that was embarrassing. Still don't think the Clippers will make this a close series but you have to give it to them for coming back from being 31 points down in the 3rd to win game 2. This will either be a massive wake up call for the Warriors to not sleep walk through the playoffs. Either that, or they are showing signs of just not caring about being dominant anymore. Like they are cool with being just a step better than everyone over being great.
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    Well without Durant in the lineup the Warriors are 2-0 in the Western Championship series. So we are back to the Splash brothers and they look really good right now. If Durant leaves next year (likely) and they can keep Klay I think they will still be pretty dominant. Still the team to beat. We'll see how this playoffs and finals play out.
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    As predicted the Warriors are not good this year. But I didn't expect them to be borderline terrible. Historically bad defense to start the season. 2-5. Mayyybe when Klay comes back this will turn around, but by that time I think it'll be too late.

    Have the Warriors lost their window for good?