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Tiger Woods vs the field in the 2019 PGA Championship

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    It's no secret everyone is rooting for Tiger Woods going into the PGA Championship after he just won at the Masters, resurrecting his career and legacy. I think everyone is pie-in-the-sky wishing for a true Tiger Grand Slam. I know I am.

    But that's incredibly hard and unlikely. Still, when you look at the odds going into the PGA Championship, Tiger tops the prediction and odds makers -

    Tiger Woods 8-1
    Dustin Justin 10-1
    Brooks Koepka 10-1
    Rory McIIroy 12-1

    Honestly any of those winning this major would be a great storyline. Koepka is the reigning champion. Tiger would win two in a row and that would be huge. And Dustin and Rory could get another major under their belt.

    But really its truly Tiger vs everyone else for this PGA Champ. I imagine viewership and buzz will be up way higher for this year's event than in the last several years just because of Tiger. And he truly does have a legitimate chance to win. Remember he has won this tournament 3 times in his career already, in 2000, 2006 and 2007.

    Figure we can keep this thread going through the tournament, and afterwards. Post your predictions here and how you think Tiger does throughout compared to everyone else. If I had to pick a winner it would be Tiger. Or Koepka.

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    It would be amazing if Tiger was able to pull out a win, though I'm not sure he has it in him. It was super cool to see him win the Masters after everything he's gone through the past few years and I'm sure he's on a super high of adrenaline right now, but Tiger is his own worst enemy. He's got everything it takes to win if he just keeps his head clear and simply focuses on the game.

    I really hope he pulls it off. The Masters win plus this one would be insane.

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    I would be something. Though its not a great start for Tiger. +1 through 16. Luckily for him he is just 3 strokes out for 4th. Most golfers are struggling around par.

    You do have Tommy Fleetwood at -3, Luke List (who's that?) at -4 and my call Brooks Koepka leading the way at -6 under par throgh 16. Koepka is owning this course so far. And he won it last year setting a course record so he is clear and away the favorite so far.

    Also something working in Tiger's favor, of course it's just day 1. But also this tournament is setup to be easier than all the other majors. So big comebacks are totally possible. 6-7 strokes off the lead isn't insurmountable after just one day.

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    After all that Tiger misses the cut after day 2. Wow. 5 over through two days. Not good. Course just didn't play well for him at all. He did ok in the middle but his drives and putts were way off for this tournament. It's clear he likes Augusta. Hopefully he can turn it around come US Open time. Strange to see the odds-on favorite miss the cut.
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    Yeah not good at all. Koepka is killing it this year. Just set 2 records - lowest 2 day score in any major ever at 128 (wow) and the largest lead at the PGA Championship ever at 7 strokes.

    I would be shocked if anyone catches him. Here's the highlight for the day, Tiger's day is shown toward the middle:

    2019 PGA Championship - Round 2 Highlights