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Who's More Dominant Than Rafael Nadal at the French Open?

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    This question/debate goes for any sport and any athlete or even any team.. does there exist a more dominant win percentage at a single event than Rafael Nadal at the French Open? You can expand that question to just impressive overall. Doesn't have to be for a single event. So that opens up discussion for Golden State making 5 straight NBA Finals, the Patriots and all their Super Bowl appearances, etc, etc.

    Here is what Nadal has done at Roland-Garros:

    He won it in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

    So that's 11 wins in 14 years, a 78.5% win percentage. Nadal didn't start competing in the event until 2005 for reference.

    I gotta think that's the best you will find, especially if you consider it's over a 14 year stretch. It's so hard to be at your peak for more than a decade. And he is the favorite to win in 2019. So it could be 12/15. And he is only 32 right now. Imagine he has 3-5 years left of great play at least. So who knows how many he will win all said and done.

    One thing is clear, no one will EVER catch him at the French Open. The next closest is Max Decugis at 8 and he did all those from 1903-1914. Then there's Bjorn Borg with 6 who did it from 1974-1981. The only other current tennis players with multiple French Open wins are .. oh wait.. it's nobody.

    Makes his dominance even that much more impressive. His feat has an excellent chance of never being matched. Ever.

    So I think its a really interesting question, who has ever been this dominant in any sport? Welcome to throw in any athlete from any sport, whether its an individual sport like golf, tennis, auto racing, even the Olympics. Or any team sport. Curious if anyone comes up with a better answer than Nadal.

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    When it comes to consecutive wins, the Boston Celtics 1959 to 1966, won 8 NBA championships in a row. Which is the longest consecutive title run for any pro team in history. Then if you're talking the most in total, I think the New York Yankees win that one with 27 World Series titles. I wonder who it would be for a single athlete though. Is Nadal that person?
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    Celtics run is an interesting one. Mainly because it was consecutive. I would argue they only pulled that off because the league in general was far less competitive during that time, with way less teams. And I think shorter seasons too? But who's to say that wouldn't have pulled that off in today's league? Well.. I would say that. But still, decent argument. My counter would be that Nadal has done this with tennis only getting more and more competitive every year.

    The Yankees I don't think would qualify to compare as that's just a franchise title count over what like 100+ years? Quick google says the world series started in 1903. So zoomed out they have only won 27/116 (give or take). Or said another way only about 23% of the time.

    It is impressive the Yanks have done that when the next closest team is the Cardinals at 11 ever. But you do have a slew of different players, coaches, managers etc over that time so I would say the Celtics one is more impressive, by comparison.

    Lemme know if you agree with any of that. Very Happy

    As for a single athlete, yeah, I still can't think of a more dominant figure than Nadal specifically at the French Open.

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    About to see Nadal in the finals yet again. He'll be taking on either Djokovic or Thiem. That match got suspended for some reason so waiting on results. But would love to see him take on Djokovic in the finals. Money has to be on Nadal.
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    Make that 12 wins out of 15 years at the French Open. Just incredible. Also this is his 18th grand slam win. Federer has the most ever at 20 at the moment. So we could see Nadal need up with the most in history at the end of their careers, especially since Nadal is much younger than Federer. The only other active player that can catch either one of them is Novak Djokovic. He has 15 titles and is the same age as Nadal.

    Curious who people will call the best ever of these three all said and done.

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    First thing I think of when it comes to dominate players is Micheal Phelps. His reign at the Olympics is insane. It's a but more spread out than most other sports so it may not seem as impressive, but he had sustain that level of athleticism over a much longer period of time.