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Best matchups for NCAA Baseball Super Regionals

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    Just before the College Wold Series you have the NCAA baseball tournament Super Regionals. Eight locations are hosting and I think this part of the tournament gives you a ready good idea of which teams are for real. The match ups in bold are the ones I think will be the best.

    2019 Super Regional match-ups:

    UCLA vs Michigan
    Vanderbilt vs Duke
    Texas Tech vs Oklahoma State
    Louisville vs East Carolina
    Ole Miss vs Arkansas
    Stanford vs Mississippi State
    LSU vs Florida State
    UNC vs Auburn

    UCLA is the top ranked program in the country. So time to prove it. Texas Tech and Ok State are the only matchup with two teams in the top 10 rankings. And 5th ranked Arkansas is playing a very good 14 ranked Ole Miss team.

    Let's keep this thread going through the Super Regionals. Post highlights here of all the best plays and games.

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    Have all the results:

    Michigan beat UCLA 2-1
    Vanderbilt beat Duke 2-1
    Texas Tech beat Ok State 2-1
    Louisville beat East Carolina 2-0
    Arkansas beat Ole Miss 2-1
    Miss State beat Stanford 2-0
    Florida St beat LSU 2-0
    Auburn beat UNC 2-1

    I watched the Duke/Vandy series. Game 3 was good.

    Would say watch out for Michigan. Big upset over UCLA. Lots of momentum heading into the World Series.