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FIFA World Cup: Top Team Predictions

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    The World Cup kicks off today with host nation France taking on South Korea in the opening match. This marks the start of a crazy couple of weeks for football fans.

    From what I've seen so far, most experts are propping up either USWNT or France as the two main championship contenders this year. Some are saying it's an obvious bet that France takes out everyone in their path. Others are certain the defending champions, USA will do the same.

    If both teams compete at the level everyone is expecting them to and get through the semifinals, they will end up facing eachother.. in Paris. That game will be insane. It's hard for me to imagine USA winning in that setting. They are a solid team and I believe they would beat France in a neutral zone, but not with that kind of pressure in the mix. It would be absolutely devastating for France to not win that game, so they will be playing their best. Then again, they have a bit of history with letting the pressure get to them in these games.

    Then we also have teams like Germany and England. These two teams are power-houses as well. I don't see any reason why either team couldn't hoist the trophy at the end. Matter of fact, if I were to place my bets right now, I would bet on a USA vs Germany Final. It'd be really cool to see France win, given they're host and the Men's Cup win last year. I just think Germany has a better chance to make it.

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    USA lost in the finals in 2011 and won it 2015. Give me USA again. All the way. Imagine in four years their team will look quite different. This will likely be Carli Lloyd's last time at the Cup (being 36).
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    Early on France and Germany are the only 2 teams who won both their first group stages. But Italy, England, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and the US haven't played their 2nd game just yet and are 1-0.

    Of all those teams, France, Germany and US all have predictably set themselves apart. I'd throw in Canada as my 4th favorite. I think they could go 3-0 to begin with. That's my early guess for the semis. If it could play out that way, the bracket is hard to predict until the Round of 16 starts up.

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    Watch out for Italy. They destroyed Jamaica today. And beat Australia in their first match. If they beat Brazil I think they are serious contenders.
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    Germany is the first to advance to quarter-finals. I'm thinking it'll be:

    Germany, Australia, England, France, United States, Sweden, Italy and Japan in the quater-finals.

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    USA is taking on France. Hell of a matchup for the quarter-finals. Also have:

    Norway vs England
    Germany vs Sweden
    Italy vs winner of Netherlands/Japan

    My predictions are USA, England, Germany and Italy in the semis.

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    Only half right. Will be -- England vs United States & Netherlands vs Sweden, in the semis.

    That's good news for USA.. they have already beaten Sweden. Netherlands to me is super surprising, the biggest underdog. So for me if USA can get past England, they will win again.

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    USA Women on to the Finals!