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Raptors Make History as NBA Champs - Bittersweet series for Warriors

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    The Toronto Raptors and Canada in general now have their first ever NBA Championship!

    Can't help but feel conflicted here though. On one side, its awesome for Toronto. And the Raptors put together a great, great all-around team for this year. They played like champs.

    On the other hand, KD only played part of one game. Klay Thompson was hurt throughout. So you could say that Toronto got very lucky with injuries from an otherwise super stacked Golden State team. Great as Curry is, its really hard to win a series with just one superstar.

    Kawhi Leonard certainly made all the difference for this Raptors team as well. A shame he probably won't be sticking around after this year.

    Game 6 came down to the last .9 seconds after Curry missed a tough 3 that would have put them ahead. There was a scramble and Toronto ended up on the line and won it and the whole thing - 114-110. What is impressive is Toronto won all 3 road games in this series. Almost never ever happens to the Warriors at Oracle Arena.

    Also bittersweet for the Warriors. Game 6, the last game of a losing Finals series for them will be the last game at Oracle Arena ever.

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    And Kawhi Leonard deservedly got the MVP. That's his 2nd finals MVP of his career (first one with the Spurs). Here's the recap of the game. Really good watch.

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    Once Klay and KD were out, just seemed inevitable. Toronto is too good to be beaten by anything but a stacked team. Is awesome for Toronto. Pretty cool to have an entire country rooting for you, as they are the only Canada team.
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    The Raptors deserved the win. The Warriors had their injuries and whatnot, but the Raptors killed it. Curry being mostly by himself is why I think teams need to stop building teams around specific star players. I know it's not the same sport, but just look at the Chicago Blackhawks just a couple years ago. They had so many awesome athletes that it didn't even matter if 2 of them were injured. They all complimented eachother and were almost unbeatable when it counted. NBA teams these days seem to think it's enough to have 1 or 2 star players and treat them as invincible. Curry not making that 3 pointer is a good example of this..