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AFC North vs NFC West for most improved NFL division?

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    Which division do you think will be the most improved going into the 2019-2020 season and beyond - AFC North or NFC West?

    AFC North has this going on:

    -Ravens have Lamar Jackson going into his 2nd year without Flacco distraction.
    -Steelers have fully moved on from Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell.
    -Browns are easily the most improved, adding Odell Beckham Jr, Kareem Hunt, Olivier Vernon
    -Bengals.. not very exciting but always a good division rival for the other three

    NFC West has this going on:

    -Rams looking to redeem themselves from poor Super Bowl showing. Most of the team remains in tact
    -Seahawks drafted DK Metcalf and extended Russell Wilson
    -49ers finally get Garrapolo and Jerick McKinnon on the field, plus a ton of draft promising drafted rookies
    -Cardinals get to debut Kyler Murray + David Johnson combo, improved WR core

    I think the two teams that will be the most improved of all these are the Browns and the Cardinals. And overall these will likely be the two most improved divisions in all the NFL. Since the Rams will still be very good and the Seahawks and 49ers definitely improved their rosters.. gotta give it to the NFC West.

    I'll go out on a limb and buy the hype on the Browns to win the AFC North. I think the Steelers will surprise and be very competitive. The Ravens will be in the mix and just the Bengals will be the only bad team out of all these 8.

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    I find the Ravens and Bengals boring to watch. Gotten better with Lamar at QB for Baltimore, but still. Gimme NFC West all the way. Has the best potential to be most entertaining, watchable and competitive division in the whole league this year.
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    I like the NFC West more myself as well. But the NFL site actually right now has the division power rankings like this:

    1. NFC North
    2. AFC North
    3. NFC South
    4. NFC West
    5. AFC South
    6. AFC West
    7. NFC East
    8. AFC East

    So they have both of the divisions mentioned here in the top half. AFC North at #2. I think the NFC West should be #3 but its close. No real problem with this list. Outside of the NFC East rankings.. 2nd to last? Well, it does have the Giants and Redskins so.. I get it.

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    Interesting how things have changed after 8-9 played of the regular season. The Cardinals are okkkkk, the Browns are pretty bad, the Bengals are the worst team in the league and the 49ers are undefeated.

    Combined for the AFC North, their record is 12-20.
    Combined for the NFC West, their record is 23-10-1.

    Clearly the NFC West is the better division and so far its not even close. They could produce 3 playoff teams, with say the Seahawks and Rams getting the 2 wildcard spots, maybe. But for the AFC North, all they have is Baltimore. Now the Ravens just beat New England and may be the best team in the AFC right now, but the other 3 teams are pretty medicore to very bad.

    I would say the NFC West is the best division in football, through 9 weeks.