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Women's World Cup: Equal Pay Battle

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    The recent USWNT Women's World Cup win has reignited the discussion about equal pay between men and women in sports. This year's Gold Cup and World Cup are perfect examples of this, at least on the women's side. Since each team/country/etc can be a little different, I'm just going keep it on the USWNT and Men's team.

    Everyone probably knows at this point that the Woman's team dominated this year and won the Cup, while the Men's team did not win the Gold Cup. So if it was left simply at that it seems like the winners should get paid more, no matter which team it was. FIFA, the governing body in control of payouts of prize money, says the winning U.S. team will receive a maximum payout of $200k per player (including all bonuses from what I understand), though the Men's team would receive $1,114,429 per player. Disclaimer: The numbers I've been able to find have all been a little different and/or are from years 2015-2019, so I can't swear by that. But everything that I've seen regarding pay/viewership/revenue from all years says the same thing, there's a pretty substantial difference.

    If we just look at the two teams for what they are and revenue they have produced for FIFI in general, it's seems clear to me that if anything at all, they should be allowed the exact same payout for winning the tournament. I just can't see any reason why they shouldn't be. Iv'e seen people bringing up that the pay isn't all that different when considering viewership/wins/etc, but if that's really the case then the Woman's team deserve way more than the Men's team, atleast in the past few years that they have been absolutely killing it.

    All in all, it's a complicated issue. I understand that there's alot that goes into decisions like this. But I don't understand why it's not cut-n-dry equal for, at the very minimum, tournament wins. Does anyone see something here that I'm missing? I've seen a bunch of people claiming that it all adds up in the end to be about the same, but I can't find any figures that show that.

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    If its just a matter of performance, I would agree with you. But I think it all comes down to world wide viewership, revenue and advertising money. Basically its just a money thing. I would like to see the difference in revenue generated all told between the FIFA Women's World Cup vs the Gold Cup for example.

    If the Women's World Cup drew the same as the Gold Cup in money but the pay was this out of wack, clearly that's an injustice. But if its proportionally less, then what are you going to do. Can't pay them more just because. Money has to be there.

    Do you have any numbers on how much either sport/event generates in actual revenue? I think that's the answer here.