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Big Ten's Michigan laser focused on taking down Ohio State

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    Michigan hasn't won (or even been a part of) a Big Ten conference championship game since 2004. They have never made the CFP and their last national championship win was in 1997.

    On the other hand, Ohio State has played in 4 conf championship games since 2013, and won it 2014, 2017 and 2018. And the Buckeyes made the CFP twice already, in the 2014-15 season and the 2016-17 season, winning it all in that 2014-15 run.

    Suffice to say, Michigan has been heavily out-shadowed by Ohio State the last several years and arguably last few decades.

    But this hasn't always been the case. Historically Michigan still has the upper hand -- Michigan has 42 Big Ten Championship wins to Ohio State's 37. And they are far and away the two best performing teams in the conference since its inception.

    So is there any chance the tide can turn back going forward? The thinking was once Jim Harbaugh joined the Wolverines as the head coach in 2015 they would be instantly (maybe) back on top. But that has yet to happen. But now that the Buckeyes lost their big time coach Urban Meyer for newcomer Ryan Day, it seems Michigan has a chance again.

    Michigan has a solid QB, a really good receiving corp, a top flight offensive line and a top-5 defense in the country. Couple that with Harbaugh's experience and the lack of Ryan Day's and you just might have the perfect recipe for a changing of the guard, to begin in the 2019 season.

    And finally the point of this thread.. Michigan is laser focused on taking out Ohio State, winning the conference championship and obviously winning the CFP and national title. Anything short of that is a failure it seems to them --

    Michigan also is owning its past. Bredeson called the team's 10-3 record in 2018 "not a good season." He said of the Wolverines' struggles against Ohio State and in bowl games, "That's a narrative I'd really love to change." Harbaugh noted the typically positive tone of mid-July, which includes this Michigan team, and flipped it.

    "You hear that from everybody ... accentuate the positive," Harbaugh said. "We embrace the negative, we embrace the suck. OK, let's improve. Let's take it into account the things that we've done, the times we've lost and what we can do to make that not happen again, ever.

    "That kind of team, that kind of mentality ... that's who we are, our identity."

    Really looking forward to how Michigan responds in the biggest moments in the 2019 season and beyond. The Ohio State game, making the Big Ten Champ game and if they can get into the CFP. I feel like it might finally be their time.

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    I'd say this is their best chance (2019-2020 season) to overtake the Buckeyes since Harbaugh came on board. I still don't think its a lock. But feels like a real coin flip now. Circle 11/30/2019 at 11:00am EST on your calendar and have FOX queued up. Will be one of the best games of the season. At least it has that potential.
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    Seen this before and somehow Ohio State always seems to come out on top lately. I would like to see Michigan in the final four but I'm not holding my breathe. They have been in prove it mode for a while now.
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    Was hoping Michigan would be more competitive than they are so far this season. Losing to Wisconsin 35-14 does not bode well. Not for Harbaugh, who I think might be on the chopping block now. If they don't win out and beat the Buckeyes in the final week of the regular season I think Michigan staff will have a huge shake up next season.

    Ohio State will get Wisconsin in week 8 so it'll be interesting to see which team fares better. That'll be telling leading up to the head to head in Dec.