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4 NFL Preseason Games Aren't Necessary - Let's Shorten it to 2

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    That's what Roger Goodell says. And he has been saying that fairly consistently for about a decade.. we don't need this many preseason games. 4 games before the season starts is too many. Agree?

    Of course, we have another thread going on why the commissioner says that, beyond his explanation of 'decreased fan interest for preseason games'. Goodell wants to subtract 2 preseason games and add 2 regular season games. Keeping the total at 18 overall, but to make 2 more games count a whole lot more, and therefore be a whole lot more profitable.

    So this is really a similar conversation to the other thread, but on the flip side -- regardless of the fact that more regular season games could be added if you did away with some preseason games, do you think the league should shorten preseason from 4 games to 2?

    I think all the necessary talking points and both sides of the debate are covered well in that video.

    I am actually for this idea. Mainly for injury reasons. I think the starters can play in the first quarter or first half of both preseason games, and then you can give your other guys trying to make the team their 'try-outs' with the rest of the 2 games. And speed things up. I don't think they should expand the regular season. Only shorten the preseason. That'd be my vote.

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    Hardly anyone is watching these preseason games. I usually just check on the news afterward to make sure no big names got seriously hurt before the regular season. I'm all for 2 instead of 4.
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    I don't see them taking away two preseason games without adding two regular games. Even though they're not super popular, I wouldn't think the preseason games are actually losing money for the NFL, right? I'm all for dropping to pre's for 2 actual games, but I can see it being a problem if they just drop two games without adding or changing anything. I can definitely already hear a ton of people getting all riled up if they were to do that, even if they didn't care about preseason games beforehand.

    I think it'd be a good move to convert 2 preseason games to regular games. That would make everyone happy, except for a few diva players.