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The Little League World Series Growing in Popularity

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    The Little League World Series is such a cool event. There's something about seeing young athletes battle it out in a professional setting that just makes it enjoyable to watch. I have been watching for a few years now and it looks to only be getting bigger and bigger. This got me thinking about what makes the LLWS so popular. We have a lot of other little league sports that have similar tournaments, but nothing stands out quite like this one.

    There seems to be a very special place built specifically for LLWS. They do have the name "World Series" tide in with the tournament, so maybe it just makes it seem like a bigger deal? I wonder how it would look if it were the same for other sports. For example, would something like a Little League Super Bowl be as popular? Little League Stanley Cup? I can't see either of those really catching on to the same degree, but I honestly would love to see at least those two happen.

    Every year seems to be getting more and more popular, or at least I hear more and more people actually talking about/getting excited about the tournament. Makes me wonder what it's going to look like in a few years if it continues to grow.

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    I think you're right about a LL Super Bowl or LL hockey not being as cool to watch. Probably because those other sports are inherently more violent. And there is already drawback to having kids play football at all. And hockey is harder for kids to get into.

    Baseball on the other hand is relatively safe and any kid can play; it's not cost-restrictive like hockey or golf or even lacrosse, etc.

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    Definitely growing in popularity - they just announced LLWS is expanding from 16 teams to 20 in 2021:

    The expansion is set for 2021, bringing the number of teams at the Baseball World Series from 16 to 20. Also, four teams will be added to the Softball World Series, raising that total to 12.

    Cuba, Panama and Puerto Rico are to gain direct entry to the LLWS on a rotating basis, with each having a chance two out of every three years.

    The expansion will also allow for two more U.S. teams every year. Those bids will come from two new regions: the Mountain Region will include Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada; the Metro Region will be made up of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island.