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NFC East will do something it hasn't since 2004

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    This is a prediction post. The Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East in 2019, making them the first NFC East team to win the division in back-to-back years. That hasn't happened since 2004.

    Here's how the division has been had over that time:

    2004 - Eagles
    2005 - Giants
    2006 - Eagles
    2007 - Cowboys
    2008 - Giants
    2009 - Cowboys
    2010 - Eagles
    2011 - Giants
    2012 - Redskins
    2013 - Eagles
    2014 - Cowboys
    2015 - Redskins
    2016 - Cowboys
    2017 - Eagles
    2018 - Cowboys

    Both the Cowboys and Eagles have won it 5 times a piece during that stretch. The Giants 3 times and the Redskins only twice.

    The Redskins are in serious rebuilding mode and no one expects them to have a winning season for at least a few seasons to come. Same could be said about the Giants. Eli is in his final year and might not be the starter the whole year. Outside of Barkley they are seriously lacking talent.

    The main competitor to the Cowboys is of course the Eagles, which most pick to win the East in 2019. And that could happen but hinges on their newly contracted QB Wentz staying healthy all season, something he has yet to do.

    On the other hand the Cowboys QB Prescott has never missed a game. The only impediment to Dallas' season is if RB Elliott plays. He is currently vying for a contract extension and threatening to sit out if that doesn't happen. He wants to be the highest paid RB in the league. Something he does deserve but will hinder the Cowboys when it comes to paying other players. Though Jerry Jones has a long history of paying stars so it's likely to happen before the season starts.

    Stacking the offense and defense of both the Eagles and Cowboys and you can argue a dead heat of talent, all said and done. But I give the edge to Dallas as they have a superior running game, linebacker crew and a head coach that is in serious prove-it mode, and I don't think Wentz stays healthy all season.

    Think the Cowboys can finally break the trend and win back-to-back? Or will the Eagles play spoiler?

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    Looks like Zeke will sit out the beginning of the season. Jury is out how NFL ready Tony Pollard is and how much Alfred Morris can man the ship until and if Zeke comes back. Those first three games are going to be paramount for Dallas. If they go 3-0 to begin (which they can, easy start to the schedule with Giants, Redskins, Dolphins) without Zeke he will feel compelled to come back I would say. And if they go 0-3 he will still come back but as the highest paid running back in the NFL as his absence will be very felt.

    Either way, all comes down to Zeke and how they fair without him to begin with. Down the stretch they can totally win the division IF they start strong and Zeke comes back. If they start weak and Zeke sits all year, the Eagles get it easy.

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    Looks like a dead heat battle for the NFC East with the Cowboys and Eagles. Now that Zeke is paid and signed, that sure's up the Cowboys offense.

    I think the Eagles have a slightly easier schedule than the Cowboys. Otherwise they both have super talented teams. The coaching is likely better on the Eagles side top-down. But I am anxious to see what new OC Kellen Moore can bring to the table.

    I see predictions for the Cowboys ranging from 8-8 to 12-4. With the Vegas odds at 9 wins. For the Eagles, most say 9-12 wins with the Vegas odds at 10 wins. Both close, with most giving the edge to the Eagles.

    I do think it'll come down to health for Wentz. Surprise injuries in general and how these teams do playing each other. I am a Cowboys homer, so if I had to pick I would go with them. But its far from a lock. Either way there is a great chance both of these teams end up in the playoffs yet again.

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    In a division that started off with so much promise, it has quickly become the absolute worst division in football this year. The Giants are arguably the worst team in the league, maybe just above Cincy. The Redskins are showing a bit of life but have been the worst offense basically all year. The Eagles have had a really bad combo of key injuries, terrible WR drops and bad QB play to currently make them 2 games under .500. And the Cowboys, who started off 3-0 have lost 7 of their last 10 games.

    All around terrible. But someone HAS to win this division, and whoever does WILL host a home playoff game, crazy as that sounds. Still looks like my prediction will hold but this division will 100% come down to the Week 16 matchup between the Cowboys and Eagles.

    Both teams have the ability to win out and make the playoffs. But it sure looks like the winner of this division will be 8-8. Maybe 7-9. I think if the Eagles find a way to win, they are easily a one-and-done in the playoffs. But at least the Cowboys have a chance to get their act together and win at least 1 playoff game.

    They will be playing either the 49ers, Seattle, Vikings or maybe even the Packers. Suffice to say the NFC East won't do much this year. Could see coaching changes for both teams in a few weeks.