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It's LAFC Versus Everyone Else in the MLS Playoffs

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    I'm just going to come out and say it. LAFC is going to win the 2019 MLS Cup. And there's a good chance it won't even be close.

    I'll be rooting for my Timbers with all my might, but the realist in me knows that they are going to have their hands full if they make it all the way to the Western Conference Final because they would almost surely be going against one of the most dominant teams the MLS has ever seen. LAFC has been unstoppable this year, ending the regular season with a mind-boggling 72 points and laying waste to teams all over the country in the process.

    Things are already tough enough for any team that has to play against them, but the new MLS playoff rules will make it even harder now that there's only one, not two, games each round. The change gives teams with the better record the chance to host a sudden death match, depriving the lower ranked team of getting a chance to play in their home stadium. In short, LAFC are guaranteed to play at home for the entire playoffs, including the MLS Cup, so long as they win each round.

    Anything can happen in the playoffs and LAFC know they have a huge target on their backs, but it's going to take a monumental effort by any team that plays against them to take them down. For now, I'm just happy my Timbers made it into the playoffs and I hope they and Seattle both with their first round games so I can go up to Seattle and watch the two duke it out in the Semifinals.

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    LAFC is definitely the frontrunner in the West. But it's actually going to be a really fun semi and conference final round, to see who comes out of the West in the finals.

    LAFC will play either Minnesota or LA Galaxy. Give me LA Galaxy in that game, and yes I think LAFC beats them. But then you have Salt Lake and Portland playing. I think your Timbers win there. And then I'm really hoping Dallas pulls it out over Seattle. And then it'll be the Timbers vs FC Dallas in the semis. That'll be a great matchup. Winner will take on LAFC for the finals. Anything can happen there.

    I don't have any idea on the East though. Who do you think is the frontrunner there?

    Here's the bracket.