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    Now that the season has begun we can start to get an idea of how the teams are going to stack up this year. There're a few teams that are standing out at the moment as the front runners, though with it being so early in the season, all we can really do is guess what will come on what we have so far.

    Looking at the win/loss numbers, there are three teams that are off to a good start. The Hurricanes are the best team at the moment with a 4-0 record. They have pulled out with a +1 win in three of the four games so far, and a +3 win over the Panthers in the last game. The Bruins and Ducks aren't far behind that record with a 3-0 beginning of the season. Beyond the starting records, neither team has really shown anything spectacular. I wouldn't be surprised if both teams had decent season, though get knocked out in early playoffs. All of these teams may have started pretty strong, though the past tells us those numbers aren't really to be trusted in the long run. All it takes is one slip to put them in a losing position they won't be able to pull out of.

    Even though they don't have on of the best records right now, my money is on the Vegas Golden Knights this year. They may have started out a little rough at 3-2, though it doesn't seem to be anything to be alarmed of. They also made quite a few off-season changes due to some salary cap issues. Basically, they had to let go of quite a few players in order to keep their stars. The issue here is those players contributed to the Knights making it to the Stanley cup their inaugural year. That's something that's unheard of so you'd think they'd get a higher salary cap.. But nope, they got a significant cut. And even though having several "rookies" on their roster throws up some red flags for playoff consideration, I think they still have enough star power and good coaching to make it to the Stanley Cup for a second year.

    Even though these teams stand out among the rest at the moment, I could still be anyone's game at this point. Though it would be really cool to see the Knights make it to the Cup and/or actually win it this year.

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    Might feel like I lack imagination, but I'll go with Boston vs St. Louis in the finals again. I think they are the teams to beat and both teams have already started off strong. But you are right, it's a long season. One bad injury or bad streak of games can and will derail any team.
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    I'm liking the Red Wings and Ducks this year. Vegas should be good, and still rooting for my Stars. But hockey is pretty fascinating as you don't really know until the playoff teams are set and then the game completely changes in the first round. Really is a sport where any team can win once in.
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    Still liking my Bruins v Blues in the Cup prediction. 2nd and 3rd in the league right now. But you have to be impressed by the current #1 team in the NHL right now, the Capitals. 14-2-1 on the road, that's insanely good. And they have the most points in the league through 31 games (49). It is an 82 game season so not quite even to the halfway point yet. But those are clearly the 3 best teams going right now.