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2019 Patriots Defense vs the All-Time Greats, Who's Best?

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    The 2019 Patriots defense has started the season off in historic fashion, and are trying to make the case they are the best defensive unit in NFL history. If they keep up the pace they are on now, I think they might just be.

    Granted they aren't coming out and saying 'we are the best ever' or anything like that necessarily. This is New England after all, Belichick wouldn't really go for that kind of boasting. But they know they are really good. And its more the numbers they aren't allowing offenses to get that are doing all the talking anyways.

    Through 7 games they have only allowed:

    6.9 points a game on average, for a total of 48 points overall through 7 full games. That's on pace for only allowing 110 points on the whole season. The NFL record is the 2000 Ravens, who allowed just 165 points the whole season. The 2000 Ravens are considered one of the top 3 defensive units of all time, by most, if not the best ever.

    So far they have played these teams:

    Steelers - W 33-3
    Dolphins - W 43-0
    Jets - W 30-14
    Bills - W 16-10
    Redskins - 33-7
    Giants - 35-14
    Jets - 33-0

    Two shut-outs, both on the road by the way. A 7-0 start. No team has scored more than 14 points on them. But they have played arguably one of the easiest schedules thus far. The combined record of those 7 teams are 12-29.. not exactly top brass.

    They have the Browns, Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, Chiefs, Bengals, Bills and Dolphins left, to finish out the season. We should get a much better understanding soon of just how historically good this Pats defense is because that run of games from the Browns to the Chiefs has enough star power and good to great offense in it to test this unit to its fullest.

    The Pats D is on an historic run though no matter which way you slice it - they seem to be the best through 7 games of a regular season ever, and have a chance to put up all the stats and break most all the biggest D records to make the case they are the best.

    Here's some good reading to see all the records they are on pace to beat historically:

    Seven ridiculous NFL records the Patriots' defense could break in 2019

    Let's keep this thread going through the regular season and beyond, and rank this squad vs the all time greats to see where they end up landing. Talking 2000 Ravens, 1985 Bears, etc.

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    NE didn't have any problems taking down the Browns, held them to just 13 points. But I will say two things: the tough part of their schedule kicks in when they play the Ravens on Sunday Night AND the Pats might not even be the best defense in the league this year. That very well is the 49ers.

    The stats between the two break down like this so far:

    Points allowed per game - Pats 7.6 (1st) / 49ers 11.0 (2nd)
    Yards allowed per game - Pats 234.0 (2nd) / 49ers 224.4 (1st)
    Pass yards allowed per game - Pats 148.8 (2nd) / 49ers 128.7 (1st)
    Rush yards allowed per game - Pats 85.2 (4th) / 49ers 95.7 (11th)

    Patriots have played 8 games so far, the 49ers only 7. But I would argue the 49ers have played a tougher schedule. They have played Tampa Bay, Cincy, Pitt, Cleveland, Rams, Redskins and Panthers. Their opponents have a combined record of 17-35. Not really that much better than the Pats, but at least the 49ers have played 2 teams with a winning record vs the Pats one.

    Both teams are entering the second half of their schedule which figures to be much harder than the first half. 49ers have Seattle twice, Green Bay, Baltimore, New Orleans, Atlanta, Rams and Cardinals twice to play. That's a stout schedule.

    I wonder when it's all said and done which of these two teams has the best defense. Both have started the season with very easy schedules and both are dominating. The 49ers are technically the #1 defense in the league right now and the Pats are #2. So maybe the better question is which of these two teams has the best defense for 2019 AND THEN is that defense historically good?

    Will know a lot more when week 17 rolls around. Happy

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    Pats D came back down to earth last night vs the Ravens. 37 points allowed.. that'll really mess up their averages. Will see if they can rebound and get back on pace. But maybe what's happened is they were exposed as a team many thought they were - they just haven't played any good offenses yet.

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