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Best Games of the MLB World Series

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    This is what we like to see. The Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros World Series started out with one of the best Game 1's I've seen in a long time. Not only was it really cool to see the 20-year-old Juan Soto get a three hit performance, but that also gave the Nationals their very first World Series win with a 5-4 over the Astros. The entire game was great.

    Fast forward a bit and now we have the series at 2/1, with the Nationals in the lead. I can see the rest of this series being very, very interesting. I've seen quite a bit of talk that the Astros may not have what it takes to win over the Nationals, though I don't really see that being as big of a problem as others. The first game was a nail-biter. The second game was a blowout by the Nationals at 12-3. The third game was a blowout by the Astros at 4-1. I'd say both teams have quite evenly matched opponents. And when both teams are playing at their fullest, we get great baseball.

    Any opinions on who you think will win the series? I feel like the Nationals will make them fight for it, but the Astros will ultimately come out with the win.

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    Hoping for a 7 game series. I think the Astros will win it all, they have a more talented roster. Nationals are playing over their heads right now.

    Game 4 is Houston's Urquidy vs Nationals Corbin for starting pitching. Actually give the advantage to the Nationals there.. so Houston really needs to show up defensively in a big way in game 4. Being down 3-1 is a very hard hole to climb out of.

    Looking for Jose Altuve to contiunue to give Houston the offense it needs. He was great in game 3 -

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    Alex Bregman's GRAND SLAM - Game 4

    Top of the 7th, relatively close at 4-1, then Astros get a grand slam. Game over with one swing, best play of the series so far. Tied series now at 2-2. Momentum has definitely swung.

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    I only got to fully watch game 7, but that was a great game. An Astros shutout through 6, then a storm back from the Nationals yet again. Innings 7-9 have been great for the Nationals.