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Top Ranked NCAA Basketball Teams

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    I'm curious what everyone's opinions are as to the top ranked NCAA teams this year. I've been reading around quite a bit and it looks like the universal pick for No.1 spot in the rankings goes to the Michigan State Spartans. Even though I can agree with most everyone that the Spartans have probably the best point guard in the league with Cassius Winston along with a rising top player in Aaron Henry, I just don't know if that necessarily gives them the automatic top spot. I can definitely acknowledge the Spartans as a top contender, though I'm curious what gives everyone the idea they are headed straight through the playoffs.

    My personal pick for No.1 team would be the Kansas Jayhawks. They also have a killer point guard in Devon Dotson and a couple stars like Udoka Azubuike and Ochai Agbaji of their own. They look to be a more well rounded team this year, aside from the NCAA Notice of Allegations issues. Speaking of, Bill Self said the allegations are going to make the team focus twice as hard this year. Take that for what it is, but it's worth mentioning. Resentment and revenge scenarios can give a huge push of motivation.

    Another team I'm curious about this year is the Florida Gators. I've seen quite a few rank them in the No.3 to No.4 spot. I think that's a little on the low side. As we all know, one single player can make a huge difference to a teams game style. I think head coach Mike White may have his winning team now that Kerry Blackshear Jr. has transferred over from Virginia Tech. If White uses him the right way and changes things up a bit, I think they have a serious chance at going all the way this year.

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    You're right about everyone picking Michigan State. Just looked it up and just before the season started, the preseason rankings have 60 votes going to the Spartans in the AP Poll. Compared to just 2 for Kentucky and 3 for Kansas. No other team got a vote. That's overwhelming.

    But that's why they play the game, as the saying goes. First game of the season the Spartans play Kentucky... and lose 69-62. Kentucky is the new #1 in the AP polls just one day into the season.

    But it'll be a long season and Michigan State figures to play better on offense as the season moves along. They dropped to #3, behind Duke.

    I would say look out for Louisville.

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    I'm liking UNC and Gonzaga this year. Speaking of they are playing 12/18/19, could be a preview one of the Final Four matches.