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Sounders Have Clear Advantage Over Toronto in MLS Cup Final

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    For the third time in four years the Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC will be meeting in the MLS Cup Final, but this year will mark the first time the Sounders will play host for the match. Tickets sold out in a matter of minutes at Century Link Field, which isn't surprising considering this is the first time the Sounders have ever hosted a MLS Cup Final (for a match they are also playing in). Home field gives the Sounders a massive advantage considering they will be playing in front of nearly 70,000 fans, which is more than three times!!! the number of people that can fit inside of Toronto's home field.

    That reason alone should give Toronto fans plenty to worry about, but the number of fans screaming against them is the least of their worries. On paper, the Sounders are the better team in basically every way you measure it. They finished 2nd in the Western Conference with 56 points compared to Toronto's 4th Place with 50. And while Toronto had slightly more goals scored in 2019 than the Sounders did, they also had more goals scored against them.

    I'm not suggesting the Sounders will completely dominate the game though. I think it will be a close match, but home field advantage, especially in a place like Seattle, can not be discounted. The Sounders will have 70,000 people cheering their hearts out for 90 plus minutes and I think that would be hard for any team to overcome.

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    Didn't even consider the home field advantage being that big of a deal, but yeah, it really will be. I like that both of these teams went on a run in the playoffs by taking out the #1 seeds. So they both have a bit of an underdog on a hot streak kind of feel, Toronto more than Seattle just because they were a lower seed.

    Seattle playing at home makes it their year for as I can tell. Would be surprised if they lose.

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    I would say 1000% home field advantage played to Seattle's favor in this final. Check this out:

    Each time Seattle scored in the MLS Cup final, the fans' reaction registered on earthquake measuring devices

    Seattle dominated this MLS Cup. Atmosphere also looked pretty epic.