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Conor McGregor Announces Details of Next Fight

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    He's back! Conor McGregor recently came out of the woodwork and announced that his next fight will be on January 18th, 2020 in Vegas to an unknown opponent. This news really came out of nowhere. Not that I or really anyone else actually believed his claim of retiring earlier this year, but the amount of time he's taken off since his last fight looked to be playing the part of quitting the game.

    So here's the thing.. Conor has to win this fight. He built himself up in such a particular way for so long that he has no choice but to win at this point. When he fought the first fight against Nate Diaz and lost it took a bit of steam away from his game, thus taking steam away from what his entire career is built on. Hard to put what exactly I mean by that into words, but if you know McGregor at all, you should know what I mean.

    Fast forward a bit to his loss to Khabib. This is what really did him in. Not only did McGregor lose, but he got absolutely dominated. Khabib out-classed him in every way possible.

    With losing his last fight the way he did and it being over a year ago, he really can't lose this next one. Everything he's built his game upon would be hurt in such a way that I can't see him recovering, especially if it's to someone that's not as big as Khabib, Diaz, Misvidal, etc. It took him a year to come back after his last loss. Then again, if the opponent is announced as any of those big three and McGregor wins the fight.. That will skyrocket him right back to the very top. He apparently has 3 matches planned for 2020 starting with this one, so it doesn't seem to be a one-off for a money grab.

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    Agreed. He has to win if he wants to seriously be considered as an all-time great.

    He's 21-4 overall. He lost his 3rd fight, then his 6th fight, then won 15 in a row before falling to Nate Diaz in UFC 196. But he turned around and beat Diaz in UFC 202. That made him 20-3. And pretty undoubtedly the best going in any weight class he was willing to enter.

    Then he beat Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205. 21-3. Solid. But he didn't fight again until UFC 229 where he lost to Khabib. 21-4. That was in October of 2018.

    So now more than a year later in his last 4 UFC fights he is 2-2. He is only 31 years old so I wouldn't say that's just what happens with older great fighters, because he is not old enough for age to be an issue.

    It's being heavily rumored that this January fight will be against 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone. And that's the EXACT fight I want to see. I think they are very evenly matched in a lot of ways and Cerrone has been fighting out of his mind the last few years. So its a great test for both fighters.

    If Conor wins, he goes back into the conversation as the best going and the best ever. If he loses, I think he will be more remembered as an extremely competent and confident MMA fighter that went on a crazy great run early in his career but got lazy and sidetracked with fame and goobs of money and out of the ring controversies, and was just never the same.

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    I'm seeing a few potential opponent names thrown around. But I most want to see Cerrone fight Conor too. Other names are Justin Gaethje and Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal would be a great fight too, but I don't see that one happening as he is already expected to fight in other mega fights in the next few months.
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    Dana White has officially confirmed the fight will be Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Donald Cerrone.

    Looks like it's a WW fight, which is a bit interesting. Conor is a beast at 155, so this is kindof a bold choice for his first fight back. Though I think he has just about every tool in his belt that Cerrone struggles with. I see this fight going in McGregors favor heavily.