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Big 12, SEC and Big Ten Championship Games

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    The college football playoff picture is still very much in flux. Before the 2019 conference championship games, you have LSU #1, Ohio State #2, Clemson #3 and Georgia #4. For the first time in forever Alabama is not even in the top 5, unfortunately as Tua is out for the year.

    So for everyone not wanting to see yet another Alabama vs whoever title game (like me) you get your wish.

    The top 3 teams in the nation are undefeated and their ranking make perfect sense. But we have a great opportunity to see massive shake up depending upon how the conference championship games go. These are easily the top 3 best championship games to me, with a ton on the line for all 6 teams:

    Big 12: Baylor vs. Oklahoma
    SEC: Georgia vs. LSU
    Big Ten: Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin

    Right now Baylor is 11-1 and ranked #8. Oklahoma is #6, also at 11-1. IF the cards fall right, the winner of this game could be in the final four. Especially if Georgia loses to LSU. But if Georgia wins, LSU won't fall out of the top 4 (I don't think) and both will make it to the final four. And if Ohio State loses to #10 Wisconsin, they could conceivably fall to a 4th or 5th seed, if they get blown out. Not likely but still a lot on the line for them. 5 of this 6 teams could force their way into the final four. But I don't think Wisconsin can.

    Here are the rest of the conf championship games. Any of these interest you? I'm curious to see how Clemson performs, but outside of that, I'm good.

    Pac-12: Oregon vs. Utah
    MAC: Miami (OH) vs. Central Michigan
    Sun Belt: Louisiana vs. App. St.
    Conf. USA: UAB vs. FAU
    AAC: Cincinnati vs. Memphis
    MWC: Hawaii vs. Boise St.
    SWAC: Southern vs. Alcorn St.
    ACC: Virginia vs. Clemson

    Feel free to post the highlights from what turns out to be the best game of the championship round this year. I am most excited for the Baylor v Oklahoma game and would love to see Baylor sneak their way into a final four spot.

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    I'll certainly be tuning into Ohio State vs. Wisconsin. I don't have a huge preference either way, but my best friend is a die-hard badgers fan so I tend to passively root for them just because. That and I always love rooting for underdogs when "my team" isn't playing.

    In the same breath, this game is certainly Ohio States to lose. It may be an away game, but I can't help but think they'll be prepared to do whatever it takes to punch a ticket to the playoffs.

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    Would be shocked if LSU or Ohio State loses. So for that reason I'm all in on the Baylor/Oklahoma game. But I would include the Pac-12's Oregon v Utah game. That will also decide the final four.

    If Utah beats up on Oregon and Baylor and Oklahoma game is close, hard for me to see the committee not putting Utah in the final four. But if Baylor or Oklahoma trounces the other, who knows. Will be very interesting.

    I predict Ohio State stays #1. Then LSU. Then Clemson. And then ... blah, Utah. But I am hoping Baylor sneaks in. They have a real chance, just need to destroy the Sooners.

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    Sooners win in OT. Utah loses bad to Oregon. Now all that needs to happen is Georgia to lose to LSU for Oklahoma to make the playoffs. Did not see that coming a month ago when they lost to K State. Big 12 champ game was a good one --

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    Was worried about Ohio State for about a quarter in that game but they pulled it together. But they played just weak enough to drop to #2. LSU clearly deserves to be the top team after dismantling Georgia. And congrats to the Sooners for getting a playoff spot; that Baylor game was maybe the most entertaining of all the champ games. Real surprised Utah lost so badly though.