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Rank the Best Bowl Games of 2019-2020 Season

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    Which bowl games do you think will be the best for the 2019-2020 season? Make your predictions here and then update once the bowl season ends. Top 3, top 5, top 10.. whatever you like.

    According to Sporting News, the top 10 bowl games are ranked like this -

    10. Alamo Bowl: No. 12 Utah vs Texas
    9. Orange Bowl: No. 6 Florida vs Virginia
    8. Outback Bowl: No. 9 Auburn vs No. 16 Minnesota
    7. Cotton Bowl: No. 13 Penn State vs No. 15 Memphis
    6. Sugar Bowl: No. 5 Georgia vs No. 8 Baylor
    5. Citrus Bowl: No. 9 Alabama vs No. 17 Michigan
    4. Rose Bowl: No. 7 Oregon vs No. 11 Wisconsin
    3. Peach Bowl: No. 1 LSU vs No. 4 Oklahoma
    2. Fiesta Bowl: No. 2 Ohio State vs No. 3 Clemson
    1. College Football Playoff National Championship

    Their list is basically a mirror copy of ESPN, and the consensus ranking for the top 10 from what I have seen around the league. For myself, I would go for my top 5 in this order -

    #5 Cotton Bowl, #4 Citrus Bowl, #3 Sugar Bowl, #2 Fiesta and then Peach #1. (not going to count the national championship game, that one is too obvious).

    Definitely most interested in the Georgia v Baylor Sugar Bowl, outside of the CFP games. Fascinating to watch Matt Rhule (Baylor's head coach) scheme his way through games the team should otherwise probably not even be in.

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    1 - Fiesta Bowl
    2 - Sugar Bowl
    3 - Cotton Bowl
    4 - Citrus Bowl
    5 - Peach Bowl

    Downgrading Peach Bowl because of the three players that got suspended.

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    I'm partial to the Big 10, so...

    1) Fiesta
    2) Peach
    3) Rose

    Not a huge Ohio State fan, but I'll be rooting for them to win it all since I'm not really a fan of the other three.