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What Happened to the Clemson-LSU Title Game Schedule

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    Why has it been such a long wait since the Dec 28 semifinals in Atlanta and Glendale Arizona? The story goes that when the College Football Playoff was created in 2013, the original idea was to play the semifinals on New Year's Eve. With that plan in mind, Monday, January 6th wasn't an option because it wouldn't give the teams a full week in between games. So it was pushed till the following Monday.

    However, in 2015, the semi finals had some pretty bad TV ratings. So the New Years Eve tradition was abandoned. The CFP management committee changed the dates of four sets of semifinals that were scheduled for New Year's Eve, to the Saturday after. Which is why they were shifted to December 28th, which extended the layoff before the title game. The reason why this year's game wasn't on the 6th is because the CFP management committee had already booked the hotels and venues for the 13th of January.

    So if you're wondering what's been going on, and why, there you have it.

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    Good to know, was wondering. Was odd to see the semis being played before all the other lesser bowl games.
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    The playoffs should go after all the other bowl games. And they should have less bowl games. Make the 3 biggest games of the year the final three games.