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Upsets at the 2020 Australian Open

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    The 2020 Australian Open grand slam tournament is not going like it did in 2019 where you had the top ranked women tennis player in the world at the time in Naomi Osaka winning the Women's Singles title. No, for this year there are many more early exits and upsets.

    Serena Williams lost in the third round, to #27th ranked Qiang Wang. And defending champ Naomi Osaka lost to unranked and 15-year-old Coco Gauff in the third round as well. On the women's side of things #4 Halep and #2 Pilskova are still in play but two of the favorites are already eliminated.

    On the men's single side of things Federer, Djokovic and Nadal are still in so we haven't had a big blow there yet, but you gotta except something notable will happen there too.

    Will update more when more upsets inevitably happen. Post vids if you have good ones to share of matches.

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    Rooting for Gauff now. Amazing what she is doing at just 15. Her next match is against #14 Kenin. There is a real chance she could make it the semis.
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    Gauff lost to Kenin, but it was close at least at first. Halep and Barty are still in it on the women's side so no large upsets since just yet.

    And you have Nadal, Federer and Djokovic all making it to the quarter finals.. if Federer or Djokovic loses in the quarter final matches that'll definitely be an upset. But it won't be I wouldn't say for Nadal because he is going against Thiem.