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Super Bowl LIV - Andy Reid vs Kyle Shanahan

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    Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has never won a Super Bowl in his 21 years head coaching in the league. He coached the Eagles for 14 years and the Chiefs so far for 7. In that time Reid has been to exactly one Super Bowl in 2004-2005 season where his Eagles lost to the Patriots 24-21. He did bring the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship games though and KC to the AFC Championship game in 2018-2019 season. He is 14-14 overall in the postseason and has the most wins of any coach in NFL history that hasn't won it all with 221 (and counting).

    So he is due. And has a LOT riding on Super Bowl LIV. And he has to contend with the 49ers and head coach Kyle Shanahan.

    Shanahan has only been a head coach for the 49ers and that didn't start until 2017. So just three years at the HC position vs Reid's 21. But Kyle was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons the year they led the league in points and went to the Super Bowl. That was the same year they went up big to the Patriots only to get destroyed in the second half and lose in a heartbreaker.

    In Kyle's first two seasons with the 49ers they were basically bust between trying to rebuild and change the culture and a series of unfortunate injuries to both their starting QB and starting RB. But now they are healthy and stout on defense and great all around and made it to the Super Bowl.

    So to me this is a game of coaching as much as it is anything else. And a game of proving yourself. For Kansas City, Andy Reid has a hall of fame type pedigree but is sorely missing a SB ring. And you could throw in Pat Mahomes wanting to let everyone know he belongs in the conversation with all the other all time greats. And for the 49ers, what they have built so far is great and should be great for many years to come. Shanahan and company could potentially have the makings of an NFC dynasty on their hands but its all up to Shanahan to learn from his last SB mistakes and win big this time around.

    Between Shanahan and Reid, who do you think has more to prove in this Super Bowl, and who do you think will come out on top? I think it'll come down to how well Mahomes steps up and how well Shanahan answers the bell with a smart defensive scheme.

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    I would say Andy Reid has a lot more to prove in this Super Bowl. He does have a reputation for blowing more big games than winning them. Perhaps he's learned a lot in the past 15 years. Kyle Shanahan at least has youth on his side, and could possibly get another chance down the road. All in all, both coaches are on a path of redemption. I just think Reid has a slightly better chance of coming out on top.
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    Reid definitely has more to prove. I think Kansas City will get this game. And Mahomes and Reid will both be elevated in everyone's eyes. They are already of the best in the league but this will solidify it. 49ers are a good story but Shanahan and Garropolo certainly don't need to prove anything just yet; they have already proved themselves this year just by making it this far.