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Daytona 500 Postponed After Trump Visit

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    The 62nd Daytona 500 was postponed on Sunday due to inclement weather. This came shortly after President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump drove a ceremonial lap around the race track in the presidential motorcade, being the first in history to do so. Trump was also the 2nd president ever to be the grand marshal of the race, after Former President George W. Bush back in 2004. It is also just the second time in 62 years that the race will finish on a Monday.

    It looks like the race will resume on Monday according to this tweet from NASCAR:

    Today's 62nd running of the #DAYTONA500 has been postponed due to inclement weather, the stock-car racing company confirmed in a tweet on Sunday. “The race will resume on Monday at 4 PM ET on FOX.

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    President Trump took a page out of George W. Bush's playbook, flyover and all. It is a made for TV moment having the airport so close to the track and there's no better way to get your fans riled up than arriving to a venue on Air Force One. The lap around the track in his motorcade was a nice touch, as well.

    When it comes to the race - it was a shame it had to be postponed. It's the biggest race of the year and now a large number of the who would have been watched it, at least on television, won't be able to anymore.

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    In case you missed it...