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No Fans Allowed at 2020 Players Tournament

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    The shutdown is effecting every aspect of our world at the moment, even sports. And any event that's gathering hundreds or thousands of people in one crowded location for any amount of time is either being cancelled altogether or they are taking the route of having the event, just without any fans present.

    The PGA is currently taking the latter approach and going on as scheduled with only the essential people at the The Players Tournament. So that's the 144 golfers themselves and then just very limited personnel.

    Must be so weird for the golfers. Must feel like a practice round. I don't think there has ever been a major golf tournament that's ever been played without any spectators, has there? I'm sure events have been cancelled in golf's long history for World Wars and maybe one or two other major world calamities. But this feels especially unique and odd.

    I kinda feel for the golfer that wins this major tournament, only to hoist up the championship trophy in front of no celebrating audience. Going to be quite anti-climatic I think. Well, golfers do like silence. Just probably not this much silence. I know in the bigger scheme of things its not that big of a deal but just something I hadn't considered until it became a reality. NBA is being suspended entirely. NCAA Tournament is going on without fans in the stands as well - even stranger. The sports world in general is in uncharted territory.

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    UPDATE: After basically every sporting organization in the world cancelled/suspended games and events yesterday, the PGA decided to cancel the Players Championship after just one round of action.

    Gotta say it was odd that they were the only sport left in action. PGA must have got a ton of backlash for trying to continue as normal.

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    Kinda sucks too because Hideki Matsuyama tied the course record in the opening round with -9 63.