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All the changes in the NFL CBA deal that runs through 2030

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    NFL players voted to approve the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by a vote of 1019-959. All that was needed was a simple majority which they barely got but it still passed. This CBA deal ensures labor peace with the league and the players until at least the year 2030, and here is what else it officially does:

    - Guarantees the NFL will go to a 17-game season. But the change from 16 to 17 games won't happen overnight. The 2020-21 season will still be 16 games. And they can't actually make the change until 2021 at the earliest. They haven't officially said when they will make the change and add a regular reason game yet but some are expecting 2022 or 2023.

    - We will go from 12 playoff teams to 14. This could happen immediately. This means less teams with bye weeks and more playoff games in general. But specifics have yet to be announced.

    - Less preseason games, from 4 to 3 or 2 eventually. Good news there, everyone wanted to see that I think. As with the other parts this is a little unclear when it'll take effect. Anyone know for sure? I couldn't find it but makes since that it would start as soon as 2020 season if there is an extra playoff week. But definitely will shrink when 17-week season starts.

    - Higher minimum salaries for all players. CBA makes it so the overall players share of earnings goes from 47% to 48% in 2021 and to 48.5% once the 17th week starts.

    Other changes - better benefits for current and former players, expanded rosters and practice squads, and changes to the league's drug and discipline policies. All that goes into effect in 2020.

    Good in-depth video on the vote and all the changes:

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    Good to see league minimum salaries going up. The minimum will be around $1 mil by the end of this CBA. So thats great for most players, not just the stars.

    I'm all for less preseason and more postseason games. Im on the fence about 17 week seasons but at least they are rising the tides as far as money goes and expanding rosters and practice squads. Going to need it with more injuries from the extra game I would say.

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    Another major update made in the agreement was players will no longer be suspended for testing positive for marijuana use. The prior rules used to be set up somewhat like this:

    First positive: Substance abuse program

    Second positive: 2-game ban

    Third positive: Increase of game bans, running up to 10 games. Further positives may lead to expulsion from the league.

    This new agreement takes away all suspensions and expulsions for positive marijuana tests. It also takes the drug testing time from 4 months, all the way down to just the 2-weeks of training camp pre-season. Though I'm not sure if the substance abuse program is still in effect.

    This is a major step in the right direction, to me anyway. These guys put their bodies through torture. If this relieves some of their pain and/helps them relax during the off-season, it should be up to the players themselves. Especially if they live in legal states.