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NFL Draft Will Start on Time, Gives Hope for All Sports Schedules

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    The NFL draft will begin on it's regularly scheduled date of April 23rd, as per Commissioner Roger Goodell. Even though the draft won't be as extravagant as it usually is, it at least gives all of us NFL fans some normalcy and is something to look forward to. Goodell said in a statement that he sees no reason to push the draft date back as "public health conditions are highly uncertain" at this time. This means that the draft will continue on with changes to account for social-distancing and no large gatherings. Goodell also said that the draft would be scaled down to reflect the current conditions and televised accordingly.

    That being said, this gives me great hope for the NFL season schedule. Obviously there's alot going on right now with coronavirus causing disruptions and the hold on most all sports, though what's still uncertain is if they (the NFL in particular) will continue on as regularly scheduled for the upcoming season. With this in mind i'm hopeful that the NFL will decide to start the preseason and regular season on time, whether with or without fans.

    No matter how you cut it, the NFL is loosing a tremendous amount of money due to any delays and they desperately want to stay on track with the schedule. I think that if anything does happen it will not affect the actual schedule, it will be played with limited fans. I think they'll release a statement saying something along the lines that the people need sports right now, and I think that's the right way to go.

    I believe this to be true for most all professional sports. NHL, MLB and especially golf can all do this. Golf is a rather easy one considering it isn't a contact sport and is played outside.

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    I agree for the most part. I mean I completely agree the draft can be done even with everything that's going on. I can easily see that. And it will be a welcome reprieve no doubt.

    But I'm not sure on starting the season without fans. I think it will entirely depend on where the math and science says we are with the spread and containment of the coronavirus in August and September. Even without fans, players will still have to travel across the country and meet in large groups, still 100+, to even practice normally.

    A full roster once the season starts is 53 people. And that's just the player count. Maybe more now with the CBA passing. Then there's practice squads, coaches, staff, stadium workers, etc. Talking about a lot of people still congregating in close quarters (locker rooms etc). And not to mention football being a contact sport so there is no way around that - impossible to social distance for players at least.

    All that said I am hopeful the country at large will be at a much better place with this pandemic in a few months. But I am leery of NFL starting on time. September isn't too far removed from July when the Olympics were set to start and that got postponed for an entire year.

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    You bring up really good points. I didn't consider all the moving parts and people it takes just to prepare one single team or the amount of people that go into putting together a game. But I think it's a large enough corporation with an endless amount of money that's attempting to do it. They'd be losing so much money that I think they'll find a way to keep things going. I think that looks like playing without fans.

    That aside, I also agree with you that the country will be in a much, much better place by that point.