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NFL Draft Will Be On TV Only

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    The NFL draft will go on as planned, but it will be held in a studio without fans present, and a limited number of hosts. The league is exploring what they call "innovative options" when it comes to how the Draft will be conducted. The teams will announce their selections from their own headquarters. It was supposed go on with red carpet gusto on top of the fountains of the Bellagio, and I'm sure that's a bummer for some. I think most football fans will be just as happy to watch in, period. Also, the NFL Draft will serve a three-day virtual fundraiser that will benefit six charities that are trying to provide aid to those in need.

    I just wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg. A justifiable move for sure. Still, pairing this with the MLB throwing around ideas of creating a "bubble league" makes me wonder if this is indicative of permanent changes coming to sports in general. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this sort of thing will last forever. I just wonder if any changes will roll over into sports once things get back on track. I assume at least in the short term, if they don't, we'll be seeing every league exclusively televising their drafts. Thoughts anyone?

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    Probably not. Only the NFL really gets enough fans excited about it to air the whole thing on TV. The NBA is a distant second, but correct me if I'm wrong, do they even televise the drafts for other leagues?

    I do think sports in general are going to go the route of no fans in stands for the next several months, possibly the next year. But does makes me wonder if other sports beyond the NFL can even survive that. I think the NFL is the only sport that can operate at break even from TV contracts alone. All the other sports depend on stadium revenue, otherwise they will be operating at a loss. I heard 40% of MLB's revenue comes from the stadiums, for example.

    Anyways, its going to be really interesting to see if this fully virtual draft is even watchable. So far most network live shows that have tried to pull this off, and even the NBA Horse contest.. they all basically failed in my opinion. But at least the NFL Draft has the best chance of being basically the same product as a lot of it was already done remotely.