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Evander Holyfield Returns to Boxing and Mike Tyson is Considering It

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    You heard that right. Boxing legend, and the only four-time heavyweight world champion, Evander Holyfield plans on returning to the ring. It's hard to believe the 57 year old wants to go back to getting punched in the face again. I guess when something gets into your blood like that, you can't ever get rid of it. His return will consist of exhibition bouts to raise money for the charity Unite 4 Our Fight. I think it's a cool of him to not only return, but to do it for charity. I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

    As for Mike Tyson, this 53 year old has considered coming back to boxing. He's been seen training pretty intensely, and many critics and fans say he looks as good as he did in his 20's. His trainer says he has the same power and speed of his youth. has been offered $1 million for a comeback exhibition fight in Australia. The attention that he's gotten from his training videos haven't stopped there. Apparently the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is willing to pay Tyson $20 million to compete in the sport of bare knuckle fighting. This too would be interesting to see. He'd be a terrifying opponent.

    I know everyone is thinking the same thing. "Gee, I wonder what it would take to get those two back into the ring together." As much as I'd love to fantasized about that, I don't see it ever happening. Does anyone else? How do you think either one of these over-the-hill fighters will do?

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    That's too old in my opinion. But if Holyfield is going to do this, he better do it very soon and get out quick. Not sure anyone has ever fought in their 60's before, but mid to late 5o's isn't completely unprecedented. I'll definitely watch, but with squinting eyes hoping the fighters are okay afterward.
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    I think that Mike Tyson is in extremely good shape for his age and everything he's been through. If anyone steps in the ring against Tyson they should be completely prepared for everything that comes along with that. If someone doubts him due to his age or their own skill level.. they're going to get destroyed.

    Here's a clip of Tyson training recently. I know it's edited down to just short bursts so don't know what happened before or after, but it's still very impressive.

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    I think he'd be incredible to watch in the ring again. Perhaps he'll bring more wisdom into the ring than he had when he was a troublesome youngster.